Fly Products
Our paramotors are made in modular frameworks for a quick transformation from one model to another which also allows an easy dismantling for every means of transport.
Fly Products
Fly Products consist of a range of several engines and different measures of frames and propellers.
Serial Power, the most economic with engine 210.
Serial Gold with engine Simonini G24 our most powerful engine good for flying tandem and heavy pilot.
The serial Max with engine Simonini G24 projected for easy transport regards serial Gold but with a more fragile frame.
The serial Race with engine Easy 100, same frame of Max but with a lighter engine.
Our new products consist of frame completly dismountable, both propeller of 122 cm that we know is optimum compromise between dimension and powerful.
The Race C with engine Fly 100 is developed for Easy 100 but with centrifugal clutch.
The Jet with engine Top 80 with centrifugal clutch and with manual starter.
The Flash with engine Sky 100 water cooler with centrifugal clutch and only manual starter.